HP Reverb G2 £50 Cashback for UK customers December 2020


Important news regarding Cashback of EU orders of the HP Reverb G2!

All early pre-order customers will be able to claim £50 for the inconvenience caused and as a good will gesture.

In recent weeks, people have been up in arms as to the shambolic way HP has treated their loyal consumers. This treatment may have forever tarnished HP’s relationships with the consumer VR market.

The issues began to arise soon after pre-orders of the new HP Reverb G2 were shipped in early December.

Some pre-order customers discovered that retailers were getting shipped priority headsets before the pre-orders we fulfilled. This meant we were in an interesting situation where people could go to a store and buy a device before someone who had been waiting since August was still yet to receive theirs.

After many complaints, HP has finally decided to offer HP Reverb G2 £50 cashback to their UK customers.

SystemActive Communicates to their customers

In an email to their customers from the UK distributer SystemActive said;

We apologise for all the delays, missed delivery dates and general confusion caused during the HP Reverb G2 Pre-order launch.

As a goodwill gesture, HP is offering you £50 cashback which will be paid into the account of your choice.  To receive the cashback, you must visit this page – https://systemactivereverb.com/ and complete the simple claim form.

The SystemActive team

To fulfil the cashback UK customers need to visit this URL https://systemactivereverb.com/ and complete the simple claim form.

You will need to provide a copy of your invoice as proof of purchase. Download your invoice from your account on the system active website.

System active also states that if you did not create an account when you pre-ordered your headset then you should email reverb@systemactive.com with your name and order number.

An importantat update was also send by SystemActive;

Hi We’re getting a lot of replies about the order date not being accepted when you claim.  The reason for this is that it needs your invoice date which will be when we delivered your order and NOT your Order date when you ordered it.

The SystemActive Team

To complete the claim form you will need to provide your serial number which can be found on the box that the device ships in.

Hopefully, this gesture of for the HP Reverb G2 £50 Cashback will go some way to making up to the many pre-order customers that seemingly got short-changed with this error of judgement from HP.

HP - Hewlett Packard
HP – Hewlett Packard

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