5 Reasons NOT to Buy the HP Reverb G2!

Reverb G2 Headset

5 Reasons against the HP Reverb G2.

In this article, I sum up the disadvantages of the HP Reverb G2. I will give you 5 reasons against the HP Reverb G2 and why you should not preorder or buy it. Putting them all together will give you a balanced view of this new device so you can make the best-informed choices!

Reverb G2 Headset
Reverb G2 Headset

Reason 1. You want wireless VR.

The HP reverb is not a wireless VR headset it comes with a 6m cable which connects to your gaming PC. There are other better headsets that provide a wireless experience like the Oculus Quest 2.

Reason 2. If you want a wide FOV headset.

FOV stands for Field of view and for virtual reality its a really important thing because its the angle that you can see in VR. For the HP Reverb G2, it is ok at, around 98 degrees. The Rift S headset for comparison has 80 degrees and the Value Index has around 108 horizontal FOV. So if you want a wide FOV then there are other headsets that will suit you better.

Reason 3. You want to make full use of this headsets resolution.

if you want to make full use of this headset with 2160×2160 pixels per eye but you don’t have a powerful gaming PC with at least an Nvidia GTX 1080 you will not be able to use the HP reverb G2 at its high native resolution. Half resolution is still possible, but if you want to make use of the full resolution you will need a powerful GPU.

Reason 4. You need finger tracking,

The new controller of the HP Reverb G2 is much better than the old Windows Mixed Reality. The new controller has button parity with the oculus touch controller and it does look a bit like an oculus touch controller, and its a bit larger so actually works better if you have bigger hands. However, it does not have capacitive sensors so full finger tracking is not possible for games like VR chat that support it.

Reason 5. You are expecting perfect tracking in any kind of lighting condition.

The tracking of the HP reverb G2 is really good, but if you expect perfect tracking in any kind of light condition then this headset is not for you. If you need it to work in really bright conditions it’s not going to work as well since its using a four-camera system which bright or dark conditions can affect. Also if the controllers get very close to the headset tracking can be lost. So if you need the perfect tracking then you need to use the lighthouse tracking system like the Valve Index. The lighthouse system operates with lasers so will work in all light and dark conditions really well.

So in conclusion, these are my thoughts on why you should not buy or preorder this headset with these 5 Reasons against the HP Reverb G2.

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