Which batteries should I use with the Reverb G2?

Li-Ion Batteries
AA Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries

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Batteries are the bane of any electronic device. They are expensive to buy and are always flat when you want to play your favourite VR game.

This guide covers all the main battery types available that will work in the HP Reverb G2.

First things first, the HP Reverb G2 require 2 x AA batteries in each controller. This is unusual compared to a lot of other VR devices which only need 1 x AA battery.

The next MOST IMPORTANT THING is that the HP Reverb G2 controllers requires 1.5V to operate well.

At this point, you are already skipping ahead or about to go off and use a standard rechargeable battery – STOP NOW.

Different Batteries and low power mode

Unlike traditional Alkaline non-rechargeable batteries, NiMh (Nickle Metal Hydride) will only give a max (per battery) voltage of 1.3V. Since the HP Reverb G2 needs two of these you will only get a total series voltage of 2.6V.

OK science over, what does this actually mean? Well, using a standard re-chargeable will just make the Reverb Controllers nearly always run in low-power mode and provide poor tracking and continuously shut down.

So, how do I fix this? There are two options.

  • A NiZn Nickel Zinc Rechargeable – these deliver typically 1.6V per AA cell

Either of these will suffice for the Reverb G2 Controllers, but here’s a quick run down of pros and cons.

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Li-Ion is lighter than normal battery’s ( about 20% ), they are a bit more expensive and require a different charger that the Ni-Mh that most people already have. Li-Ion is the same kind of battery you might be more familiar with your mobile phone.

Ni-Zn runs at 1.6 V, unlike normal Ni-Mh, they don’t reduce in voltage until they run out of charge – they have relatively few re-charge cycles comparatively – you need a specific charger! YOU cannot use a normal Ni-Mh or NiCad – you will blow them up and start a fire!

Which is the Recommended battery?

Of the two choices, the Li-ion battery is most recommended and also very easy to get from the likes of Amazon.

Ni-Zn is a good second option, however, they are let down by low recharge cycles and even though they cost a similar amount to li-Ion the extra weight (due to the fact you require 2x AA to power a reverb G2 controller) is a disadvantage.

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